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Wye Valley Accommodation

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Wye Valley Accommodation

Wye Valley Accommodation

There are a wide variety of accommodation options in the Forest of Dean and Wye Valley. So you can be sure to discover something to suit your taste and your budget plan. 

Historical hotels, inns, bed and breakfast and B&B s are available throughout the area. You may prefer to remain on a ranch, go self-catering in cottages or log cabins or just enjoy the outdoors at one of the camping and caravan sites.

Wye Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Located within the Area Of Natural Beauty a 58 mile/92km stretch of the River Wye. Relax the valley through stunning sedimentary rock canyon views and thick ravine forests. Exceptional wildlife, intriguing archaeological and geological attributes all make it unique. This is why it is rightly known as one of the most fascinating Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Designated in 1971, this distinct landscape straddles the boundary in between England and Wales. It includes locations within Gloucestershire, Forest of Dean, Herefordshire and Monmouthshire.

The Wye Valley AONB has actually been designated for unique interest in recognition of its:

  • Outstanding landscape. Remarkable limestone gorge and a few of the most impressive native timberlands to be located in Britain.
  • Remarkable geology. From Silurian sedimentary rocks to plateaux of Old Red Sandstone: "Like a set of pie dishes, one within the other."
  • Historic heritages. Silure (Iron Age) hillforts; Norman castles; the initial Cistercian Abbey in Wales. An introducing industrial heritage in iron; brass; wire; tinplate and copper works.
  • Wild animals.  A quarter of Britain's populace of lower horseshoe bats. An expanding populace of peregrine falcons, goshawks, ravens, rare whitebeam, nightjar and lesser recognised fish like the shad and twaite.