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Forest Of Dean Puzzlewood

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  • 19-01-2018
Forest Of Dean Puzzlewood

Puzzlewood is a special and enchanting area, located in the lovely and historic Forest of Dean. Discover a mile of meandering paths, with its wonderful tree and rock developments, with this 14-acre old forest.

It has an environment quite unlike other wood you have seen. JRR Tolkien is considered to have taken his inspiration for the fabled forests of Middle Earth from Puzzlewood, and it's very easy to see why.

A labyrinth of mystical paths are cut between moss-covered rocks (referred to as scowles). These occupy an enchanted wood, in the middle of the Forest of Dean. Meet  Fairies and trolls, fairies and gnomes. It feels like anything and anybody could peek out at you in this enchanting, mythological landscape. No collection trails, simply reach a fork in the path and select your route. A place where your kids-- and your creative imagination-- can run wild.

There are Puzzlewood-branded cookies and shortbread, plus locally created apple and pear juices available. And there are sophisticated wood strolling sticks for any person unsteady on their feet.

Puzzlewood is a puzzle of pathways. These wind in between the moss covered rocks, the twisted roots of the Yew trees or the bridges and 'lookouts' that you need to discover on your way around? 

JRR Tolkien is reputed to have taken his motivation for the legendary forests of Middle Earth from Puzzlewood, and it is very easy to see why. You will discover Puzzlewood to be a charming place. Puzzlewood has an environment fairly unlike other timber you will have visited.

Puzzlewood has a fascinating history; It was made use of for the mining of Iron ore up until Roman times. Nature after that redeemed the old operations up until in the very early 1800s a local landowner set a mile of pathways. 

These meandered through the trees and gulleys to open this ancient forest. Initially, this was for the amusement of his good friends and children. Ever since Puzzlewood is has stayed essentially unmodified. The same paths and bridges as in earlier times remain, yet with the addition of visitor facilities on the Puzzlewood site.